Maumere is a small town situated just in the middle of Flores island.  Like most coastal areas of the island, Maumere is one of many places where youmaumere restaurant can find out restaurant that seafood lovers will get their money’s worth.  Maumere is near the harbor seafront is the place to go for side-by-side eateries serving cheap seafood. All the standard indonesian food offerings are always on hand in the restaurant or any in a warung.

Located in the center of the town of Maumere, Ta Lepo Restaurant in Maumere is the provide and produce The Balinese Cuisine who want to taste the typical cuisine of Bali.  Full of spices and coconut lemongrass to a typical Balinese Balinese cuisine, it would be exotic flavors for prioritizing tongues taste the full flavor taste.

The Special Menu :
One of the menus that can be tried is Chicken Betutu. Menu betutu Balinese is present in half of a whole chicken that has been seasoned and diungkep complete various spices until tender. Of course there is a chicken in the vegetable stuffing.
As a complement was white rice wrapped in a banana leaf cone style mini.
There is also a Balinese rice mixed with main dishes such as satay wrap Balinese are chopped tuna with grated coconut and various spices wrapped around the stem of lemongrass and then burned. As a complement was fried tempeh and vegetable ointment.

The Style :

Talepo Restaurant is about how to create the uniqness of eating manner  and its surrounding that we create differently in Balinese garden Statues, Handcarved Balinese pots, Antique mirrors, Water Features, Garden Lanterns and a large array of Balinese Homewares, including many one off original stone statues. Decorated with bamboo, Talepo restaurant combine with the local arts of sarung, the material of coconut wooden and its unique stones.

Just have a wonderful romantic and delicious restaurant in town, it is Ta Lepo Restaurant in Maumere.